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Denso Corporation Embarks on Joint Venture with NRI SecureTechnologies

Carolyn Seale

A graduate of the University of North Carolina, Carolyn Seale is an industrial engineering professional with over 15 years of experience. Carolyn Seale serves as the manager of industrial engineering at the Cleveland, Tennessee, office of Denso, a global automotive supplier based in Japan.

The Denso Corporation recently embarked on a joint venture project with NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd., to establish a new cybersecurity company that will identify security risks in in-vehicle electronic products and perform diagnostics. Dubbed NDIAS, the company will combine NRI’s proprietary machine-learning technology with Denso’s knowledge of cybersecurity and in-vehicle development. NRI also brings nearly two decades of in-security experience in infrastructure, financial systems, and consumer equipment. NDIAS’s diagnostics and consulting services will follow in-vehicle electronic products from development to after mass production.

NDIAS’s focus will also enable it to address safety and cybersecurity concerns with automated driving and connected vehicle technologies, which industry professionals expect to become commonplace in the near future.

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